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How to:
Host .Net CLR
Use Application Domains
How to: Create an Application Domain
How to: Unload an Application Domain
How to: Configure an Application Domain
Retrieving Setup Information from an Application Domain
How to: Load Assemblies into an Application Domain
How to: Obtain Type and Member Information from an Assembly
How to: Receive First-Chance Exception Notifications
Resolving Assembly Loads
Create Instance of .Net Objects
Handling and Raise Events
Raise and Consume Events
Use Base Interface
Use ClrObject Interface
Use Array Interfaces
Access Static Classes or Static Class Members
Use AsXXXX methods
Use Collections Interfaces
Non-generic Collections
Generic Collections
Use Linq and Dynamic Linq Interfaces
Convert Between Types
Place .Net Controls on VCL Form
Format Types
Perform Common I/O Tasks
How to: Copy Directories
How to: Enumerate Directories and Files
How to: Read and Write to a Newly Created Data File
How to: Open and Append to a Log File
How to: Write Text to a File
How to: Read Text from a File
How to: Read Characters from a String
How to: Write Characters to a String
How to: Compress and Extract Files
Composing Streams
Use WideString instead of String in DispInterfaces
Dynamic Programming
Viewing Type Information
How to: Examine and Instantiate Generic Types with Reflection
Accessing Custom Attributes
How to: Hook Up a Delegate Using Reflection
Reflection Using ClrObject
Emitting Dynamic Methods and Assemblies
How to: Define a Generic Type with Reflection Emit
Dynamic Source Code Generation and Compilation
Using the CodeDOM
Generating Source Code and Compiling a Program from a CodeDOM Graph
How to: Create a Class Using CodeDOM
Import .Net Assemblies
Import WSDL/XML Webservices
Constructor Classes
Symbol Reference
CrystalNet Class Libraries
Host Class Library
CNClrLib.Comp Namespace
CNClrLib.Core Namespace
CNClrLib.DynamicLinq Namespace
CNClrLib.Enums Namespace
CNClrLib.EnumTypes Namespace
CNClrLib.EnumArrays Namespace
CNClrLib.EnumFunc Namespace
CNClrLib.Host Namespace
CNClrLib.Host.Helper Namespace