dotNetCore4Delphi Editions

dotNetCore4Delphi is available in four editions – Standard, Framework, Professional, and Professional with Source Codes (Pro with Sources). Choose the Crystalnet product edition that's right for you:

More About the dotNetCore4Delphi Product Editions

Standard Edition

The Standard edition is the cost effective and the fastest way to interact with .Net Core applications written in anyone of the .Net languages (such as C#, Visual Basic.Net, Delphi.Net, JScript.Net, etc) from Delphi.

This edition allows developers to:
  • hosts the .Net CORE Common Language Runtime (CORECLR) in Delphi.
  • load and access .Net Core assemblies/types from any .Net libraries or executable files.
  • Can invoke members of a .Net Core types (such as constructor, fields, properties, methods and events).
  • Can handle .Net Core exceptions.
  • Can handle, access and invoke .Net Core events.
  • ...and many more.

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Framework Edition

The Framework edition extends the Standard edition and provides full access of the .Net CORE Framework Class Library (Including new and emerging .NET Core technologies) in Delphi.

This edition allows developers to do whatever a user can do with the Standard Edition as well as:
  • Access .Net Core Framework Class Library from Delphi. The following .Net Core Framework Class Libraries are available as interfaces in Delphi:
  • Access 3rd party .Net Core libraries with ease.

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Professional Edition

The Professional edition extends the Framework edition and includes tools for importing 3rd party .Net Core libraries into Delphi as pas files.

This edition is the superior choice when you need to use 3rd party .Net Core libraries but do not want to manually create the Delphi classes from the types in the .Net libraries from scratch and wants to use the dotNetCore4Delphi Importer to import the .Net libraries into Delphi.

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Professional Edition with Source Code

The Professional Edition with Source Code (Pro with Sources) is the dotNetCore4Delphi Professional Edition + Source Access.

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