TCnProcess.StartInfo Property

Gets or sets the properties to pass to the Start() method of the Process.

Namespace: CNClrLib.Component.Process
 property StartInfo: TClrProcessStartInfo read GetStartInfo write SetStartInfo;

Property Value

The ProcessStartInfo that represents the data with which to start the process. These arguments include the name of the executable file or document used to start the process.

StartInfo represents the set of parameters to use to start a process. When Start is called, the StartInfo is used to specify the process to start. The only necessary StartInfo member to set is the FileName property. Starting a process by specifying the FileName property is similar to typing the information in the Run dialog box of the Windows Start menu. Therefore, the FileName property does not need to represent an executable file. It can be of any file type for which the extension has been associated with an application installed on the system. For example the FileName can have a .txt extension if you have associated text files with an editor, such as Notepad, or it can have a .doc if you have associated.doc files with a word processing tool, such as Microsoft Word. Similarly, in the same way that the Run dialog box can accept an executable file name with or without the .exe extension, the .exe extension is optional in the FileName member. For example, you can set the FileName property to either 'Notepad.exe' or 'Notepad'