TClrProcessStartInfo.Verb Property

Gets or sets the verb to use when opening the application or document specified by the FileName property.

Namespace: CNClrLib.Component.Process
 property Verb: String read GetVerb write SetVerb;

Property Value

Type: String

The action to take with the file that the process opens. The default is an empty string (''), which signifies no action.

Each file name extension has its own set of verbs, which can be obtained by using the Verbs property. For example, the "print" verb will print a document specified by using FileName. The default verb can be specified by using an empty string (''). Examples of verbs are 'Edit', 'Open', 'OpenAsReadOnly', 'Print', and 'Printto'. You should use only verbs that appear in the set of verbs returned by the Verbs property.

When you use the Verb property, you must include the file name extension when you set the value of the FileName property. The file name does not need to have an extension if you manually enter a value for the Verb property.