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.Net Runtime Library for Delphi

.Net Runtime Library for Delphi is the best library to work with .Net framework from Delphi. It is designed to provide a way to interact with applications written in anyone of the .Net langauges such as C#, Visual Basic.Net, Delphi.Net, JScript.Net and others.

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.Net DLL/WSDL Importer for Delphi

.Net DLL/WSDL Importer for Delphi also called .Net Assemblies/WSDL Import Utility for Delphi is used for importing .Net Libraries, WSDL or web service XML schema and for generating Delphi classes from the .Net types of the imported libraries.
Note: This utility is included in the .Net Runtime Library for Delphi Professional Edition License.

from: $99.99

CrystalDB Tool

CrystalDB Tool is a Microsoft Windows based database tool developed by CrystalNet Technologies LTD. This Tool is used by developers, DBAs and analyst for managing, administering and developing databases. The Tool supports the two common database management system, namely MS SQL Server and Oracle.


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