TClrMemTable Questions

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TClrMemTable Questions

The list of questions and answers related to TClrMemTable.  


hmtoggle_plus1Q1: TClrMemTable vs. TClientDataSet – what is better ? I'm thinking of replacing all TClientDataSet with TClrMemTable. Is a TClrMemTable faster than a TClientDataSet?


hmtoggle_plus1Q2: The nice thing with the TClientDataSet is that you can add, delete and change records. Is that possible with TClrMemTable?


hmtoggle_plus1Q3: I use clonecursor a lot with the clientdatasets. How I can do that with TOleDbQuery or any of the descendants of TDbQuery?


hmtoggle_plus1Q4: How to create and populate ClrMemTable?


hmtoggle_plus1Q5: How to create and populate ClrMemTable from Database?


hmtoggle_plus1Q6: What is the fastest way to load a TClrMemTable from a another DataSet (including structure)?


hmtoggle_plus1Q7: How to load data from XML file nto TClrMemTable and edit them in the TClrMemTable?


hmtoggle_plus1Q8: How to copy all records from a Query into ClrMemTable and edit them in the ClrMemTable ?


hmtoggle_plus1Q9: I cannot add a persistent field of type ftGUID. I am getting error about field size, but the field size control is disabled. What is wrong?