General Questions

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General Questions

The list of general questions and answers.


hmtoggle_plus1Q1: Is there 'Getting Started Guide' (aka 'Quick Start Guide') for ADONetVCL?


hmtoggle_plus1Q2: What is the difference between trial and full versions?


hmtoggle_plus1Q3: Does ADONetVCL supports a connection pooling?


hmtoggle_plus1Q4: How to handle with Exceptions?


hmtoggle_plus1Q5: Can I use the descendant of  TOdbcQuery or any of other ADONet VCL Query components and connect it with a dataset provider and retieve the data in a Codegears' client dataset?


hmtoggle_plus1Q6: Is it necessary to create Index for ordering data?


hmtoggle_plus1Q7: How to assign value to a ftGUID field?


hmtoggle_plus1Q8: How to specify a default value for a dataset field?